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Five Ways Corrugated Cardboard Shipping Boxes can Be Reused

Some companies focus on their product and retail display boxes while forgetting why they need to use printed shipping boxes. Printed cardboard boxes mean so much for consumes than protect products during transport. If your business is using recycled shipping boxes from you will be happy to know that these boxes can still be reused by your customers. Here’s how corrugated shipping boxes can be reused:

For Safe Storage

Printed cardboard boxes can be used for safely storing other items. Usually, a rectangular box offers lots of room to market your company; however, it can fit in tight places and be stacked.

For Shipping

A lot of people do not realize that they can reuse a shipping box for shipping out appropriately sized items. They just have to ensure all of the old shipping labels and information are either covered or ripped off by new labels. Also, it is imperative to make sure the box is in solid structural shape with sides and corners still intact, strong, and clean.

For Paper Mache

Cardboard can be turned into paper mache pulp that can be dried in molds to create cool sculptures. Recycled cardboard boxes can be torn into thin strips and soaked overnight in water in a big basin. The following day, they should drain the water and add glue and boiled linseed oil to the drained cardboard. They can blend the mixture with a drill or paint mixer. Then, they can add it to the mold and dry their sculpture out in the sun for many days. When dry, they should remove the sculpture from the mold to smooth it and add detail.

Reuse them as Coloring Books

Custom branded shipping boxes are printed with cool designs, so they serve as built-in coloring books. Also, they are sturdy and hard, thus, there is no need to put a hard surface behind them. Even small kids can use cardboard as backing for collages. After completing their corrugated masterpieces, they can lean their art up against a wall for people to see.

Fire Starter Logs

Consumers who have a fireplace at home or a fire pit in their backyard will need to buy firewood. But, old cardboard boxes can be made into DIY fire logs. They are an eco-friendly alternative to firewood. The idea is to make the corrugated boxes pliable by soaking the pile with enough water. Once wet, consumers can take one sheet and roll it as tightly as they possibly can.

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