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How to Find Clients Online and Offline?

This is one of the most common question asked by freelancers and business marketing services Singapore. This article enlists some of the best ways to gain online and offline clients.

  1. Networking

This is the traditional way of gaining clients. This is because it is easy to have a personal connection with people when meeting face to face. You can meet people at seminars, networking lunches, and conferences where you can connect with them. This needs a lot of investigation and preparation.

  1. Direct mail

This is also a powerful tool and expensive too. Here you need to research how direct mail works and how to make most of it. A good campaign entails your introduction and what you do and how you solve the clients’ issues to make them get in touch with you right away.

  1. Direct pitching

You can meet the clients personally if you don’t want to do it with the mail. List the brands you would love to work with. Then, find their email addresses to write personalized letter to each with your impactful pitch. In this way, you increase the odds of working with them in no time. Also, feel free to these things out by setting a small number based goal for cold email pitching. In this way you can improve on your pitching skills and get acquainted with the subject lines and other aspects as well.

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