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Private Labeling For Frozen Organic Fruits: A Smart Business Idea!

The organic food industry has exploded in the last five years or so. More and more customers are willing to pay the premium price for organic foods, especially fruits and veggies. Fruits and veggies that are produced through commercial farming practices often have the highest content of pesticide residues, which is why the organic variants are so, so popular. If you are contemplating a business related to frozen organic fruits, private labeling is the way to go.

Here’s a quick overview of things you need to know.

Reviewing private labeling for fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables are perishable goods, and therefore, most of the organic produce that’s available in the market is frozen. By freezing organic produce, it is possible to increase the shelf life but without compromising on quality. If you are selling organic fruits, it is likely that you will have to sell in a similar way. The concept of frozen blueberries private label is the same as any other industry. You have to find a producer or supplier who deals in such products, and you can procure your order and sell it under your brand later. What matters is the choice of the supplier. When you label something as ‘organic’, it means that there is no pesticide residue. However, just verbal words and promises don’t count, so the fruits, especially those like blueberries, cherries, raspberries, mangoes and avocadoes must be tested for pesticide residue.

Do not cut corners

Selling frozen organic fruits might be a great idea on paper, but it requires considerable work on ground. Keep in mind that you cannot cut corners by any means, and it is more than necessary to keep a tab on the production process. By working with a known and reliable supplier, half of your job is done. Make sure that there are no compromises on quality and production, and testing is done as per norms. It is also important to check the options for repackaging and labelling. Non-perishable goods are easy to manage in that respect, but with regards to frozen organic fruits, you have to ensure that the supplier has enough centers for packaging and repackaging. The whole process should be organized and automated, so that goods can reach your warehouse or store for further selling.

Done right, private labeling works wonders for organic food businesses. Check for known suppliers and get started with the basic discussion.

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