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Qualities of an excellent Chartered Accountant

A chartered accountant is a professional who deals in the financial and tax aspects of a business. Chartered accountants are educated to be well-versed with both domestic and international laws, which gives them an edge when it comes to doing their jobs effectively. One way you can ensure that you have found an excellent chartered accountant for your needs is by making sure they have these qualities.

1) Being trustworthy:

A chartered accountant must be trustworthy. They are the ones who will prepare all of your financial statements, tax returns and advise on how to manage your business’ finances. You want someone you can trust entirely with these documents as they must maintain confidentiality for this information. The NUE Chartered Accountants are known for being trustworthy.

2) Having integrity:

An accountant with integrity will be able to manage this kind of information responsibly. However, if your chartered accountant does not have integrity, they may mishandle the documents you give them, which could lead to negative consequences for both your business and their professional reputation. This is one reason they must be trustworthy; if someone is untrustworthy but has good character, they might still misuse sensitive financial information because they do not see its value as a responsible person would.

3) Being knowledgeable about accounting principles and practices 

A chartered accountant must be knowledgeable about accounting principles and practices. An accountant without this knowledge might not give you the advice that your business needs because they will lack a strong foundation in these areas of expertise. The tax services are managed by a chartered accountant.

4) Being flexible: 

An accountant needs to be willing and able to work with you to accommodate your specific business. They should not just stick rigidly by the rules but instead know when appropriate for these rules to be bent or broken. For example, an experienced chartered accountant will know how much leeway is allowed if a company wants its financial statements prepared according to international standards rather than domestic ones.

5) Being skilled at problem-solving:

An accountant should be able to solve problems that arise during their work. They are not just there to give you advice on what you need to do but will also assist in carrying out any action items they recommend so that your business can run smoothly and efficiently.


Having an excellent chartered accountant for your business will make things easier when keeping track of finances and managing taxes. Their expertise will help you avoid paying unnecessary fees or fines, as well as save money in the long run by offering advice on how best to increase profitability.

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