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Reliable And Effective All In One Solar Street Light

What are all in one solar street lights?

Due to the vast development in photovoltaic and lighting in LED technologies, lighting through solar power is getting popular. It is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Many people may think that they should increase both solar panels and battery bank size. But this may cost a lot. So, many people choose to adopt all in one solar street light for compact lighting. This is a new age and integrates solar panel, battery, light source, solar controller, and solar energy cables in a single mold, and thus, it is called All in one.

Types of All in one solar street light

  • PIR motion sensor lights – It detects the infrared or heat waves radiated from the warmer moving objects like animals, people, and cars and turn on the lights electronically.
  • Intelligent sensor lights – It is a sensor that takes predefined actions while sensing some input like heat, sound, light, touch, motion, etc.

Types of batteries:

There are two types of batteries used: one is lithium-ion, and the other is lithium Ferro phosphate (LiFePO4). Lithium-ion charges with a 3.7 V battery. These batteries are reliable and safe and do not require any priming, and they have a density of high energy. The self-discharge rate of the battery is low than the different rechargeable batteries. LiFePO4 is a battery that charges with a power supply of low voltage 3.7 V. It means that the daylight is enough for charging it. These are efficient and safer batteries and can stand at low and high temperatures.

Advantages of an All in One Solar Street Light:

  • The integrated design of the solar street light protects the battery from theft.
  • Wires are not required for connection. The light on the lamp can reach vast areas up to 120-degrees angle.
  • Lithium Ferro phosphate (LiFePO4) gives longer battery life that can stand the low and high temperature. It is even more efficient than lead-acid and Li-ion batteries.
  • Do not require trained people because it is easy to get installed.
  • It is installed on both poles or walls.
  • The risks for the accident are less, and there are no external wire hangings.


The solar street light manufacturer makes high-quality solar panels and sends technical people for repairing the light-related problems. People prefer all in one solar street light as it is a cheaper and faster installation, it costs less for repair and has a longer life.

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