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Stainless steel wire applications

The applications of stainless steel wire are various. The steel wires are used in making different other products such as nails, barbed wires, clips, staples, mesh springs and fasteners. There are different standards and grades of the wire. The quality and standards vary according to requirements. The stainless steel wire could be made out of different materials. The wires are usually circular in diameter. The thickness of the wire ranges from 0.1mm to 8mm. Since there are various sizes and standards, the wires can be used for different applications to make different accessories.

The materials differ but one of the most commonly used is the 316 stainless steel wire due to its strength and anticorrosive properties. There are other grades as well. They are also heat treated in production to add to the strength. They could either be annealed, quarter hard, half hard, ¾ hard or full hard. Their finish also differs as matte finish or bright finish. One of the most used grades in stainless steel wire is the 304 grade because this is one of the most affordable grades in terms of pricing. The wires are generally coated with some other anticorrosive material. They could be soap coated, weaving cloth outside and plastic inside. The 304 stainless steel wire price makes it widely used with all kinds of applications. Regardless of the complexity of the industries, the wires are used from low cost and domestic applications to high cost and high end applications worldwide.

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