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What Are Common Myths Related to Document Shredding

Many businesses wish to shred their documents, but there are a few that considers it a wrong idea. This is due to the myths that surround the practice. Uncovering these myths will help you implement this task in a better way.

It is OK to purge away data

Some businesses think that there is no need to carry out document shredding. To them, it is absolutely fine to just throw away old documents. It is a mistake to undervalue the impact that it causes to a business. Improper disposal of official documents can give an opportunity to criminals to steal your sensitive business information.

Throwing business documents into public bins makes them easily accessible to thieves and use it to reconstruct the files. Houston is a great place to find reputed and trusted document shredding services. To prevent such consequences, it is advised to use a safe and secure document shredding service provided by Houston shredding firms.

Shredding results in loss of information

Another myth is that paper shredding inevitably loses the data. Technology advancements have made it possible to store documents on a server so they do not need to hold onto any physical version. This not just saves space but also makes you feel secure to have your documents shredded without any fear of losing your important data.

Document shredding takes up a lot of time

One of the reasons that make people go for shredding is because they find it to be a very time-consuming activity that takes up a lot of hours in feeding documents into a document shredder. It can be a lengthy task if you accomplish it in-house. To relieve from this, an outside shredding service comes to your help in dealing with it. It provides mental peace and executes the task easily and efficiently.

Shredding is not needed when you have robust office security

Mistakes can happen irrespective of how much robust your security procedures are. As per the new “General Data Protection Regulation” it is needed to prove that data is purged in full compliance with the law.

Recycling is better than shredding

Both shredding and recycling are essential and can be performed in conjunction with each other. Shred the documents and then recycle them to ensure security of business data in an eco-friendly way.


These are some of the commonly heard myths related to document shredding. Hope this information has cleared these popular misconceptions and revealed the truth behind them.

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