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Working With A Recruitment Agency In Hong Kong: Tips For Businesses!

Hiring right people for specific roles – That’s easier said that done. In practice, the whole process of hiring is a time-consuming one, with many steps that must be followed. If you make a mistake in hiring, all the effort is gone to waste, and it may increase cost of talent acquisition considerably. If you have a business in Hong Kong and want to work with a recruitment agency for your hiring needs, we have a few tips below that may come in handy.

  1. Start with expertise

Many agencies work in specific sectors and industries, and that’s something to consider, because their market insight and industry experience is valuable for your business. When you talk to a Hong Kong recruitment agency, ask them if they have worked with similar businesses and the kind of hiring tasks they have taken up.

  1. Aligning expertise with work culture

A genuine recruitment agency takes its time to know and understand a client in detail and what their work culture stands for. This simply helps the agency in finding people and candidates for different roles, at different points of time. They should be able to align their work profile for your requirements.

  1. Ask about interim hiring

Can an agency handle the need for interim and temporary hiring? In current times, more companies are keen on hiring people based on specific needs and often on a contractual basis. Make sure that the recruitment agency is capable of handling such needs. When you think of partnering with a company for your hiring needs, think of long-term collaboration, even though you may choose to start with a small contract.

  1. Outsource the negotiation task

Make sure that the recruitment agency will negotiate with candidates on your behalf. This is something that many companies prefer to outsource, primarily because they don’t want to end up paying more than what is probably the ideal salary. Allow the recruitment agency to take a call, but do let them know of budget constraints, if any.

  1. Stay involved

To get the most out of a recruitment agency, you have to stay involved with them at all steps of hiring. While there is no need to micro-manage their work, you need to ask for updates and ensure that the hiring process is moving as smoothly as initially discussed.

Shortlist the best recruitment agencies in Hong Kong now to know more about their work process.

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