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A Brand’s Guide for Simplified and Better Box Packaging

It’s just a box for your product. While there is no denying that any box that fits can be considered for selling and shipping products, but the design and concept do make an impact. Marketing experts consider packaging as a tool for marketing, but gone are times when extensive product promotion worked for brands. As far as box packaging is concerned, simplicity is the key, and in this post, we are discussing a few tips as how brands and companies can do better in that department.

  • Think of product needs first. More often than not, marketing experts and company executives get too excited about the design, forgetting the needs of the product. Eventually, the primary task of packaging is to protect the product. Ask a few basic questions like –
  • Is the product fragile?
  • What are the dimensions?
  • Does the product need extra cushioning material inside the box?
  • What channels would be used for selling?
  • Will the product be shipped to remote and distant locations?
  • Keep it simple, stupid. Product packaging doesn’t have to be complicated or include too many elements to make an impression. In fact, the best boxes are simple and effective, and that’s where the KISS rule comes in. If the design is complex, chances are high that the end user wouldn’t read or check any of that extra printing.

  • Learn from the market. The best way to update packaging is to take cues from the market. You want to know what the competitors are doing and how different brands are innovating their boxes and packaging materials. Adapting to changes in the world of packaging is also important for brands.
  • Hire the right company. Yes, you read that right. You must hire a company that understands packaging and can offer a variety of options. Many manufacturers help with everything, right from structural concept to design and final production, and you can get ideas from their team of experts.
  • Think of reusable boxes. Customers are choosy about the brands they wish to be associated with, and therefore, the choice of packaging will influence their choices. If your product can be sold in a reusable box, consider that option, provided the budget permits. The idea is to use an option that doesn’t end up in the landfills too soon.

Check online now and find companies for box packaging to know more on how your company can innovate better.

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