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Passenger Cover Two Wheeler Insurance Plan

A thorough insurance for two wheeler policy will offer sufficient coverage for a variety of costs. To supplement basic coverage and increase its value for you, some top insurers additionally provide particularly created add-on covers, such as passenger coverage*, zero-depreciation coverage*, accessories coverage*, and the like.

Additionally, you can get additional add-ons by paying a little higher fee. These riders are especially useful because they supplement the coverage provided by the base policy at a reasonable cost.

This article explores value-added passenger coverage and how it might work to your advantage.

The insurance firms offer comprehensive coverage and add-on covers in addition to their comprehensive insurance plans. The person seated behind you is protected by one of the add-ons that is offered. It is advised that bike owners buy this add-on as well because a two-wheeler accident can be extremely devastating for both the pillion rider and the driver.

Additionally, there is a restriction that states you can only buy this add-on if you have comprehensive insurance coverage. By adding more money to your premium using a two wheeler insurance premium calculator, you can purchase coverage with this add-on. If you have a regular bike insurance policy, you can also buy this add-on.

Take this as an example: You are a pillion passenger on your friend’s two-wheeler. Your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy would give you whole coverage in the event of an accident. What about your pal, though?

Passenger cover: Explained

A two-wheeler accident can be devastating for both the rider and the passenger. In the event that the two-wheeler meets with an accident and stops, both lives would be equally at risk. Despite the fact that the standard insurance for two wheeler policy protects the rider from damages brought on by the passing away or incapacity, the pillion passenger is not covered by it.

A passenger cover can be quite helpful in this situation because it aims to give accidental protection against the co-passenger’s passing away or disability (full or partial impairment).

Considering that the typical two wheeler insurance coverage covers the pillion rider, purchasing a passenger cover as an add-on might be very beneficial.

Who should be protected by this extension?

Saving a life becomes a moral obligation, and no rational person in the world can bear the guilt of having contributed to someone’s passing away or handicap. Therefore, it is recommended that every bike owner buy this add-on cover to ensure that the pillion rider is protected in the event of damage or an unfortunate incident due to an accident.

These bike owners are among those for whom purchasing this add-on cover is essential.

  • Those who reside in places where accidents are common.
  • Those who ride alongside a pillion passenger.
  • People who enjoy taking their loved ones on bike road trips.
  • People who have children and pick them up and drop them off at schools or universities.

The benefits that would accompany it are listed below.

The insurance company will cover the pillion rider’s medical expenses following the collision.

Give protection in case the traveller passes away. The insurer offers financial protection to the pillion rider in the event of temporary or permanent disability.

This plan can provide you peace of mind because your insurer will cover any financial losses or damages incurred by the pillion rider as a result of an unplanned accident. Similar to this, when riding a motorcycle alone, you are only accountable for yourself; but, when a passenger is riding as your passenger, it is your duty to safeguard them. Since purchasing the passenger protection add-on insurance is now simpler and you can do so by paying a small premium, you can do so while maintaining your peace of mind.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.





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