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Professional benefits of being on Instagram platform

Why is it that there are more businesses out there who buy Instagram followers?  It is to improve their presence on the Instagram platform and enjoy the benefit that comes with it.  Nowadays, consumers are known to judge the credibility of a business based on their absence or presence on social media. But which platforms on social media are truly worth the time and the effort which it takes to be regarded as successful?

Look at the below mentioned professional benefits that come with having a great presence on Instagram:

Instagram has more audience engagement as compared to Facebook

When it comes to overall popularity, Facebook still tops the world of social media. But with the ever-evolving social media and the proof statistically of Instagram users being much more engaged and more impressionable as compared to Facebook, tables might change with time.

What it means is that currently, Instagram is having 58 times engagements as per the followers as compared to Facebook. The studies as well show that the users on Facebook tend to shy from the advertisements more frequently as compared to the users on Instagram. About 32% of users on Facebook tend to engage regularly with the brands while Instagram users of about 68% do. The rates of engagement are high making Instagram to be a haven for a majority of businesses for consumer engagement.

Instagram embraces creativity

Instagram newsfeeds are mostly compared to that of art galleries. It is not a secret that it is a platform which is filled with a lot of colorful, fun, high quality and photos which are visually appealing as well as videos. Businesses can easily jump on the bandwagon which is creative by use of Instagram in promoting their services and products., show the glimpses of behind the scene of a company’s day to day working and giving followers tastes which are exclusive of the culture of the company.

Instagram is known to offer stories

Instagram stories are believed to be a feature which is quite unique, allowing users to be able to post videos and photos which are customized which then vanish after 24 hours. The stories are displayed prominently a top the main feed of the user.

Stories are known to be elements which are creative like writing tools and drawings, filter options, augmented reality, and the ability to including hashtags, locations and mentioning of other users. In the recent times, Instagram has incorporated a new feature of featured stories.

They are known to be hosted on a profile for business and can be viewed once the period of 24 hours is over. There are benefits on business which are limitless when using Instagram stories. They are believed to be a great place of showcasing the footage of behind the scenes and timely, fun content that is sure to be noticed.

Instagram offers ads

The same as Facebook, business account on the Instagram have the option to pay in order to promote their content.  The practice is quite beneficial especially when you consider the statistics which demonstrate how Instagram is receptive to audience, and thus great for advertisements.

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