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Process your payroll accurately and efficiently every time with AmCheck!

Processing your company’s payroll is hardly done by hand anymore. Every individual or business has access to specialized software that handles payroll processing and management. Learn about only a few features that are common in this tool.


When you create payroll documents, it’s difficult to know exactly how certain forms are supposed to look. Good payroll services include the use of templates, such as paycheck templates, that help you to make accurate forms within minutes. Once you’re finished, you can click another button on the side and submit a paystub directly to a email or send a hardcopy to a mailing address.

Automated Calculations

Automated calculations help you to avoid using calculators, writing down formulas by hand and making all kinds of preventable errors. Every payroll software has forms that contain fields where you input an employee’s information. Within seconds, receive all types of calculations for hourly wages, overtime, annual salaries, monthly commissions, tax deductions and other details that you need to create payroll documents.

Automations help workers to prevent errors and eliminate as many burdens as possible. Automated software features include instant calculations done by a calculator that is always right. As a result, a company prevents clerical errors that may result in expensive fines, penalties and endless paperwork revisions.

Year-End Tax Filings

Most payroll services assist you in preparing for the act of filing taxes every year. Receive help in finding the right form, receive step-by-step guidance on how to fill out each field and submit the form electronically to the appropriate state or federal tax authorities.

Software Training

Learning to use new software for the first time is easy for some and challenging for others. You and your team should know about every feature that is associated with your payroll software program, whether it’s employee self-service or tax filing services. It’s recommended to have a complete overview of the many benefits available.

Customer Service

Processing your payroll can be a solely independent venture. But every software user has at least one question that cannot be found in the help section. This question may need the help of a customer service representative. Ideally, have access to a customer service department where you’ll receive an answer to anything about the software.

An all-in-one payroll solution is found in AmCheck. Their software includes management features to assist with your taxation, payroll and human resources departments. AmCheck Las Vegas is a payroll company that is designed to simplify the most complex and time-consuming tasks and help your business team focus on their more important strategies.

Business Name: AmCheck Las Vegas

Address: 375 N Stephanie St #1211 Henderson, NV 89014

Phone: (702) 565-4110


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