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Six Steps Involved in Planning a Successful Conference

Planning a conference can be daunting, especially if you don’t work with the right people. Depending on what kind of event you are hosting and where, you will need to plan it well and ensure you take every step of the planning process seriously. To streamline the planning process, here are the steps you should take:

Know why are Hosting the Event

Whether you are planning to host a conference or congrès estrie, you need to sit down with your partners first and talk about what event’s end goal is. Are you looking to generate revenue? Get new clients or publicity? Consider this goal and use it as your guide in planning your event.

Create a Budget

Determine how you will pay for the event. Research resources that can be used for free and what you can charge attendees to cover costs and make a profit. Create a budget spreadsheet that lists the main costs of items you will need for the event such as venue rental, meals, speakers, A/V equipment, signage, giveaways, printed materials, and others. Make sure you include marketing costs. To make sure you stick to your budget, be realistic and practical about your choices.

Work with Vendors

Find vendors that can provide you with the items you need in your budget spreadsheet. Understand their offerings, and review contracts and cancellation policies. For instance, if you choose to host the event at a hotel, know if they can provide A/V equipment and support in their meeting rooms.

Look for Speakers

Start by reaching out to your own networks to determine which keynote speakers can best achieve the objectives of your event and within your budget. Contact people who have heard of them before. As you communicate with speakers, offer them enough details so they can customize their remarks to your specific audience.

Set the Agenda

Create a detailed timeline for your event which begins early and ends early. Focus on scheduling a mix of formal speakers, free networking time, and small group workshops. Ensure you feed your attendees every few hours. Once your agenda is completed, think about hosting a dinner at the hotel or nearby restaurant.

Spread the News about the Event

You need to have a logo and color scheme meant for the event. Display them on your event site with online registration. Assign people to will market your event. Take advantage of the power of social media to spread the word.

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