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Top Trends in Eco-friendly Construction for 2021

Amit and Santosh visited a Tech-Expo Exhibition where they found a stall that showed a prototype of homes built using eco-friendly materials. With its concept and eco-friendly giveaways, it attracted many other visitors too. The stall offered a demo of how we can build houses using reusable and recyclable materials.

Amit shared the idea with his wife, and both became excited about building their dream home with an eco-friendly touch. Since building an eco-friendly home can be costlier than conventional home construction, they arranged extra funds through a home loan. Using the home loan EMI calculator, they got a fair idea of EMIs payable over the loan tenure for different home loans interest rates.

Amit and his wife started analysing some of the top trends in eco-friendly construction for 2021. Here’s what their research brought out:

Recycled Building Materials

 Many eco-friendly materials are readily available in the market: the original materials are recycled, reused, and re-built into a different product altogether. These include reclaimed wood, recycled plastic, bamboo sticks, corks, recycled steel, etc. The materials can be blended in constructing or designing tasteful interiors of a building/home.

 Recycled building materials are slightly more expensive than conventional materials. However, the availability of finance at beneficial home loan interest rates can help you contribute to the environment.

 Smart Windows

 Smart windows are coated with metallic oxide to reduce light and heat exposure depending on the weather outside. It protects a house from harsh sun rays, which reduces the power consumption of air-conditioners and refrigerators. Such windows also keep the house temperature warm during winters.

 Using Renewable Energy

 Many newly-constructed buildings have solar panels installed on rooftops. Besides, modern appliances like heaters and kitchen appliances have in-built solar panels. It reduces the power consumption substantially.

 Homes in Tier-II and Tier-III cities often generate energy from windmills and biomass due to the enormous open space available.

 Although installing renewable energy equipment can be expensive, one can avail of home loans to purchase them. You can use the home loan EMI calculator to ascertain the EMI payable over the tenure of the home loan.

 Water Conservation

 Modern homes/buildings are designed in a manner that water conservation is effortless. Rainwater harvesting tanks are made, low-flow taps and showerheads are installed, and kitchen water is directed to gardening and washing areas. Many new-age buildings have water purification plants for recycling sewage water into reusable water.

 Green Roofs

 One of the top trends in the eco-friendly construction sphere is designing green roofs. Plants and grass are grown on the roof. It helps in managing the excess rainfall by retaining water into plants. It also improves air quality and maintains the home temperature during the summer and winter seasons.

 Use of Smart Technology

 It is the latest feature being used in eco-friendly constructions. The use of smart technology includes installing smart thermostats that control the home temperature, and smart lighting, which turns off automatically when no one is in the room.

 Some expenses on smart technology may not be covered under the home loan category. Rather they may be covered under the personal loan category. You must discuss with your lender and have a clear picture of which expenses are covered under a home loan.

 Light and Ventilation

 Our elders often complain that homes in the cities lack fresh air and ventilation. Modern homes are taking care of this. The new constructions have multiple points for allowing natural light to enter your home. A skylight window is placed deep in the room so that there is no need to use electricity during the daytime. Besides, building windows opposite each other ensures that there is proper ventilation in the house. Natural and free-flowing air in the home can reduce the house’s construction and operating costs and energy consumption as well.


Eco-friendly buildings are the future of the construction industry. It creates harmony between man and nature by reducing soil, water, and air pollution – leading to a better and healthier lifestyle.

 Young adults like Amit vouch for the concept of eco-friendly homes. They are willing to spend a little more as a contribution to the environment. Many lenders even offer concessional home loan interest rates for eco-friendly home loans.

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