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Understanding the Human Resources-Marketing Relationship

Marketing and human resources should not be deemed separate as you may think it to be. The company would be required to attract profitable customers for achieving desired number of sales. However, they should also lay emphasis on top talent in the company to ensure long-term success. When you look forward to convince people to help you, regardless you were after the money or working hours, you would be required to position and market the proposition in a manner to make it appear attractive.

Employer branding

It would entail that services and products may not be the only aspect of your company requiring promotion. It would be especially true for alluring and retaining top talent. People would like to work with company looking forward to boosting good reputation. It has a great vision and mission as well. It would be necessary to show people about the importance of overall personality of your company. It would not be wrong to suggest that budget has been deemed essential for hiring the right people. You may not have the requisite funds for employing workers who do not actually pull their weight.

Alluring the right talent

With several small businesses having tight budgets most of the time, despite having good times as well, it would be imperative that you get staffing decisions right initially by marketing RH. It would be pertinent to mention here that secret to alluring people you actually need would be aligning your HR strategy with the business plan. In case, you look forward to being a top application developer for smart phones, you would require educated and creative talent. You should commence blogging about various trends in the Smartphone industry. You should attend developer conferences. You should hold several information sessions at local colleges along with advertising HR policies providing to young professionals. It would also give you an opportunity to brainstorm new ideas on company time.

Keeping the people happy

A golden rule of marketing would be to promise what you could actually deliver. In case, your products fail to live up to standards set up by the customers, trust and loyalty would reduce significantly and eventually, the brand would collapse. On the same note, you promise work environment that you were unable to provide, you would be hurting the morale of your employee.

Keeping up with requisite change

Changing markets would raise expectations of the employee as well. Similar to brands, you would need to evolve in the market to stay in the competition. You should keep on top of the news about top places for working in your arena.

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